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Vivian here, sitting in as guest host to share a worthy little list with you. I pounced on it during a nighttime prowl on the web and posted it here a few years ago. My sister Maisie and I were animal shelter adoptees, so this is a cause that is naturally near and dear to my kittycat heart.

happy and grateful for being adopted

Have a “purr”-usal and see why I think these are all terrific reasons to bring a lovely little cat like me or a friendly doggie into your heart and home right now. Here’s a bonus reason: with many of us facing a long winter staying home because of the pandemic, a new pet may be just the right antidote for boredom or loneliness.


1. Every pet adopted from a shelter instead of purchased from a pet store or breeder improves the pet overpopulation problem.

2. Adopting a dog or cat from a no-kill shelter can free up space for older or special needs pets that may not find new homes before the end of their natural lives.

3. There are plenty of animals to choose from at most shelters. They come in every age, shape, size, coat color and breed mix, and you can find purebreds at shelters as well.

4. Compared to the cost of purchasing a pet, adopting one from an animal shelter is relatively inexpensive. And if you get a slightly older dog or cat, there’s a good chance he is already fully vaccinated and neutered.

5. Adopting an older pet allows you to skip over the time-consuming, often frustrating puppy or kitten stage of development and takes the guesswork out of what your pet will look like as an adult – size, the thickness and color of her coat, and her basic temperament, for example.

6. Most shelters and rescues do assessments on every pet taken in, to determine things like temperament, whether the pet has any aversion to other pets or people, whether he is housebroken, has had obedience training, etc.

7. Many shelters and rescues also offer lots of new owner support and materials about training, behavior problems, nutrition, grooming and general care.

8. If you have kids, adopting a shelter animal can open their eyes to the plight of homeless pets, teach compassion and responsibility, and show them how wonderful it feels to give a home to a pet that might otherwise live in a cage or be euthanized.

9. An older adoptive pet can be the perfect companion for an older person. Many middle-aged and senior dogs and cats require less physical exertion and attention than younger animals.

10. An adopted pet can enrich your life. The unconditional love and loyalty of a dog or cat can lift depression, ease loneliness, lower blood pressure, and give you a reason to get up in the morning. A kitty asleep in your lap feels warm and comforting. A dog that loves to walk or run outdoors can be just the incentive you need to start exercising regularly.

*list adapted from source:

So if this sharing prompts just one of you to adopt a pet, I have helped an animal in need. And if you share the list, you could too.

“Pets are humanizing. They remind us we have an obligation and responsibility to preserve and nurture and care for all life.” – James Cromwell


Vivian shared this list in a 2015 post: Vivian with a Cause

23 thoughts on “Vivian and her “Pet” Cause

  1. Hello, Vivian! All very good advice. Someone must have given my back-paw walkers very similar counsel, because I, too, am a rescue pet and they are all right, I suppose, by and large. The important thing is to always remember who is in charge – you, of course. Nice to meet you, although I’m a dog and you’re a cat, so I don’t suppose we’d get along too well. Regards, Honey.

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    1. Hi Honey, thanks for dropping in on us and sharing your thoughts. No, you are correct in assuming that, where I’m a cat, we wouldn’t get along too well. Not that I would ever hurt you, mind you, I’d just avoid you. So glad you’re a rescue pet too and would love it if you shared my reasons to adopt shelter animals on Frederick’s blog or other social media. Say hi to Frederick and take care of him! Vivian xo

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  2. Thank you for this post!

    I’m Twilight-(a darling Siamese)- and I’m going to be launching my very own blog in a day or two- I helped my human adopt a 12 year old tortoiseshell kitty who’s mom didn’t want her and has decided to put her down- this story made my mom very happy- and now…Sushi My new (adopted sister) – can live out her life where she is wanted and treated like a flipping queen.

    May I reblog this post after I get my site launched-(possibly tomorrow)?

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      1. Why thank you! I’m anxious to introduce Sushi! And your message is important! My human loves people who love kitties and wants to help us. A couple of minor things to work out then I should (hopefully) be able to launch tomorrow!

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    1. Vivian and I know you’ve seen the light, Lois, big time! Thank you! The only way to go indeed. So many little creatures out there who would love someone to open the door and let them into their lives. Vivian wishes she could do more to get the message out.

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  3. Thank you Vivian for your lovely post. Yes owning a pet is so nice. I have my Tater who is almost 14years old and he brings so much pleasure to our home. We hope you are enjoying your day with your parents . ❤️

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