Fridays and Final Drafts

Crunch time is here for my latest novel.

I’m nearing the end of the final draft, which means my beta readers will soon whisk away my manuscript for their constructive perusal. The timing couldn’t be better.

With the weather finally improving, I look forward to a couple of months to recharge and get ready for the next steps.

Friday turned out to be a super nice day. So mid-afternoon, I tore myself away from the laptop to step outside into sunshine, breathe the soft ocean breeze, and enjoy the view.

I think Maisie had the same idea.

“Does this camera angle make me look fat?”
Finally looking like summer around here!
“Stay out longer with me next time, please?”

It wasn’t easy to go back inside, but when you can see the finish line, it gives you more incentive to keep working. And once that line is crossed? Rest assured, Maisie–I will stay out with you much longer then.

“Best advice on writing I’ve ever received. Finish.”
~ Peter Mayle

38 thoughts on “Fridays and Final Drafts

  1. Yippee!! 😀😀 Jennifer, huge congratulations on being so close to finish … does it become any easier with each book? Maisie definitely has the right idea and enjoying the sunshine as the weather has improved – you’ll have your chance soon. Great quote at the end by Peter Mayle on writing – finish!

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      1. I’m in the middle of an exicting new project and will be posting when heading towards completion, probably end August/beg. September! It’s keeping me busy and bubbling with joy! Twelve years, eh? Now, where do I count my writing life from!? 😀

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  2. Frankly, I’m jealous. Getting to that point with a book is a HUGE milestone, and you well deserve some R&R once that baby goes off to the beta readers. I’m just incubating a new story, and right now I feel like I’m standing at the foot of the mountain, thinking maybe I’d rather go eat ice cream. But the mountain won’t go away . . .
    Wishing you immense success!

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    1. I hear you, Jan. It takes tremendous discipline to write a novel, and in the beginning it’s easy to become intimidated by the magnitude of work ahead. I had books published in 2016 and 2017, but changing genres (and with a whole new story) is taking me longer to reach my goal. Thanks so much for the well wishes and write on!


    1. You’re welcome, Jill. Yes, I can understand how deadlines will do that. Where I’ll be taking my time looking for a new publisher, I will have that summer break. Then on to the next project.
      Have a sweet Sunday! 🙂 xo


  3. Love your cat.
    But I disagree with your comment. Once that line is crossed, the hard work begins. Cos, take it from me, the first draft is easy. No despair. I wish you well with it and know if you keep at it, you’ll get there.

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    1. I think you misread it. This is my final draft as I see it, before professional editing. Of course my beta readers could spot a glaring plot hole, but I don’t expect to make too many big changes. I wrote the first draft last year. Thanks for your well wishes! 😊

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              1. Mythic Fantasy. The full total of *The Spinner’s Game* weighs in at 650k words, with each of the five books averaging around 120-130k. This last, the 5th, looks to be a beastie at 140k, unless I can reduce it. And since my attempts to reduce the other haven’t worked, I doubt it.

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