In Praise of Librarians

– Display at Mt. Pearl Library, NL


I love public libraries and I use our local one often. The latest book I’ve borrowed is The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton, the bestselling young adult novel of all time.

I think working in a library must be one of the coolest jobs there is. Most bibliophiles would probably agree.
One of my favourite librarians is also a fellow blogger. Barbara Vitelli, a.k.a. Book Club Mom, reviews books, interviews authors, and if you click on her link, you just might follow her too.

Do you frequent your local library? Do tell!

31 thoughts on “In Praise of Librarians

  1. Hi Jennifer, Yes I frequent the library in fact I’m here 30 hours a week. I’ve been working in and writing about the library for 23 years, and still think it’s a dream job. I compare my job to a chocolate lover working in a candy store. Also loved the quote, and totally agree!

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  2. Here in UK parsimonious councils are closing libraries down as fast as they can go. I would miss them, but then, I am too absent-minded when it comes to issues like borrowing books, so it is better I avoid them anyway. Of course they should be protected; they are a voice, and too many voices are being shouted down these days.

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  3. We are fortunate to have an award-winning public library here in wee St. Helena. Its contributions to the community are incalculable. I firmly believe that libraries are one of civilization’s most important repositories.

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    1. That’s good to hear, Jan. It worries me though, how many people don’t read, whether they never picked up the habit in the first place or lost interest somewhere along the way to other pastimes – such as video games, for instance.
      Having a well-stocked library as well as one that contributes to the community is a godsend!

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  4. I seem to visit used book stores more than libraries, although when they have their yearly book sales, I am there! My son and I used to go to the book sale, lug our haul to the car and then go out for breakfast. That was the best little ritual and most wonderful memory. Makes us both smile.

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  5. Jennifer, a terrific quote and image … libraries are often life-changing, a saviour to many. Oh yes, I always image being a librarian is a dream job – although I wonder how much work I would complete with so many literary distractions. 😀 When my son was young we visited the library twice a week and I still order some through them. It has changed a lot in ten years and now is nearly a community centre, which is good. Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday! 😀

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    1. Thanks, Annika. It’s a gorgeously warm and sunny day here today. 😊
      I have many precious memories of visiting libraries, both as a child and as a mother. Owning a library card has always been a must. Nowadays I mostly use our library to order in other books that are only in the larger centres of our province. So between that, ebooks and the books I buy new or used, I’m all set. 😊

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    2. Hi Annika, you are right about libraries. And working in one is a dream job for me. Libraries have definitely changed over the years, they are most certainly community centers – we even have yoga at ours!

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          1. First off, the teachers need to be paid so they are not working two jobs and buying supplies out of their own limited funds. You are right about the arts and they are never far from my heart. Thank you Jennifer.

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