Flashback to eight years ago this week: Beautiful Rome, the first destination of our 3-week trip to Italy and France. We hope to return to Europe within the next few years–the UK this time–and I can hardly wait.

The Colosseum was only a few minutes from our hotel. Notice the workers upon the ledge!

A little verse I wrote in Rome:


The click on terracotta tile
a welcoming staccato beat
quick-sure heels on cobblestone
we join the rhythm on the street.

Mellifluous foreign banter
fill sidewalk cafes and bars
laughter tinkling, glasses clinking
under the Italian stars.

Heady scent of sweet ambrosia
lips stained red with deep dark wine
swarthy locals’ smiling faces
lovers with their arms entwined.

Tastes and smells are all around us
food and drink beyond compare
warm night air drapes on our shoulders
sated, sleepy, not a care.

Street musicians serenade us
as we stroll our way back home
memories to last a lifetime
summer nights in downtown Rome.


What has been your best-loved destination?

13 thoughts on “Roma

  1. Jennifer, your poem is wonderfully evocative and even though I’ve never been to the city (alas!), I feel as if I’m there through your words, inhaling the fragrances, seeing the lovers arms around each other, listening to the click of heels on the steps. You bring all the senses into play to describe this iconic capital. Oh, the workers definitely have a head for heights! Enjoy planning your trip to the UK and if you are nearby it would be lovely to meet up! 😀

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    1. Thanks so much for your beautiful comment on my poem, Annika. I’m glad I succeeded in giving you a little taste of Rome. Maybe you’ll get there for real one day.
      It would indeed be lovely to meet with you when we visit the UK. If it is at all doable, we should! 🙂 xo

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  2. I loved Rome. Hope can you not? The history alone gives you chills when you think about what went on there. You will love the UK. London was interesting but incredibly diverse. Sort of like NYC. What I really loved about England was the countryside, the small villages and towns, especially around the Cotswolds.

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    1. Yes George, you can feel the history steeped into so many parts of Rome. It was a thrill to see it all in person.
      Pretty sure we’ll love the UK too. We will spend some time in London, but I’m like you —would love to stay in a cottage somewhere, out in the countryside in the south if England.

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  3. Ah, three weeks in Europe – what a wonderful trip. I also enjoyed your poem. I went to Italy a long time ago and saw the Colosseum, but I wish I had spent more time there, taking it all in. I’m afraid I was a young tourist and didn’t appreciate what I saw. Hope you get to visit the UK soon!

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