My Mommy loves me so much…

…and that makes me purr.

Mommy loves my soft white bib. She says it feels softer than the rest of my fur. My sister Vivian’s white fur is softer too.

Mom read online that pigment makes fur feel rougher and is a characteristic of many cats, though not all of them.ย 

Thanks for looking at my snaps! ๐Ÿ’•

Photo Challenge: Soft

32 thoughts on “Soft

  1. Maisie–you are a beautiful girl. That is interesting about pigment and a rougher coat. One of the three outdoor cats I feed is mostly all grey and her fur always has felt a bit coarse. I attributed it to her living mostly outdoors…. Just curious if Vivian is asking for equal time.

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    1. Maisie is loving all the compliments, Lois. Over the years, Vivian has gotten most of the exposure on my blog. Maisie is trying to catch up. But youโ€™re right, itโ€™s soon time for Viv to take back the spotlight.
      Give those three precious kitties a rub behind the ears for me!

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