Who’s That Blogger? Jennifer Kelland Perry

My latest interview with Barbara Vitelli on her new “Who’s That Blogger” feature.

Book Club Mom


Blogmaster:  Jennifer Kelland Perry

Blog name: Jennifer’s Journal – jenniferkellandperry.com/blog/

Type of blog:  Jenniferkellandperry.com is my author website. The blog attached to that is about writing, photography, and all things Newfoundland. I also feature my cats, Maisie and Vivian, under guest posts entitled Vivian’s View from Here.

Where in the world?  The province of Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada.

Blogging since when? I started on New Year’s Eve, 2011.

What’s your story? (why did you start a blog?):

The idea of an online journal came to me as a way to create consistently, in the form of a poem or musing, or in small galleries of my personal, travel and local nature photography. Usually the subject of these posts focuses on something or someone I love, a topic I feel strongly about, or a place I have visited and wanted to share through pictures.

I have…

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5 thoughts on “Who’s That Blogger? Jennifer Kelland Perry

  1. So happy you started blogging as we would have never met, keep the guest posts coming and I will get to your second book, its just that I have a few books to read before I get to it.


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