Blogger Bouquet #37

blogger bouquet spring

Andrea Stephenson is a gifted writer who shares her inspirations on her blog Harvesting Hecate. 

From her About page, A Creative Life:

“My first writing memory dates back to when I was around 8 years old and feverishly re-writing the Nancy Drew novel I’d just read.  Once I began writing, I didn’t stop.  I wrote stories, the beginnings of novels, journals.  Writing was a compulsion, something I felt I had to do.”

I chose the following post of Andrea’s to help illustrate an emotion I too am feeling as of late: mourning for the story that has ended and for the characters that became part of your daily life, as well as the struggle writers experience in finding the thread of a new story. When you read her colourful prose, you may also be moved to click the follow button.

Finding A Story

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Have an inspiring week, everyone!