The Best Gifts

Christmas 2009

Dear Santa:

Just a little message
it’s the same one every year
I do not yearn for presents
as Christmas Day draws near

what I wish for yuletide
is not inside your sack
I have been blessed already
there’s nothing that I lack

because on Christmas morning
 when we gather ’round the tree
to see these little faces
is the only gift I need.


I’m taking a short break from blogging until after the New Year.
Wishing one and all a happy and healthy Holiday season!

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26 thoughts on “The Best Gifts

  1. Love this xmas poem Jennifer Im slowly finding posts in my inbox, I feel like I never keep up so I apologise for arriving late yet again. I need to ask people how they find the time to read and comment on all the wonderful blogs out there. I may have to do some culling.

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  2. I try to explain that to my children, but I guess you have to be a parent to understand. They insist (now that they’re adults) that they must purchase me something. No–just come visit, call me, that’s all I need.

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