Friday Bouquet #30


Happy Friday, everyone! And Happy Thanksgiving Day weekend to all my fellow Canadians. 🙂

Before I share today’s Bouquet recipient, I wanted to let you know of a small modification to this regular feature from Jennifer’s Journal.

The name of the feature will change from Friday Bouquet to Blogger Bouquet because after today it will not be limited to Fridays. Instead, Bouquet posts will appear on any day of the week and whenever I am moved in some way to highlight a fellow blogger.

Now on to the bouquet toss!

Lois from on pets and prisoners is one of my favourite bloggers. She loves animals and owns three cats, has fun with photography, and for years has done volunteer work with prisoners.

In Lois’s own words:

So what do pets and prisoners have in common? In my life–plenty. Both hold a special place in my heart.
By day, I feed my pets and the strays at work. At night, I feed the souls of the prisoners I sponsor through Gavel Club–a Toastmasters affiliate.
All my animals are special. Those I have, those I had, and those I hope to have.
The prisoners–for me, they are the special ones. They were, at one time, someone’s father, brother, son, uncle–even grandfather. They have heart; they have soul. We have fun.”
~ excerpt from plenty for everyone

The following post has been highlighted because it will give you an idea of what Lois brings to these inmates’ lives.

The Gift

I have disabled comments here in the hope you will comment on Lois’s blog.

If you do, please tell her Jennifer sent you. 🙂