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Definition of Old-Fashioned*:
1. a: of, relating to, or characteristic of a past era, in or according to styles or types no longer current or common; not modern.

When we undertook the renovations to our home, one of the features Paul and I emphatically chose not to replace was the stained glass in the two bay windows and in the window over the stairs. These colourful panes were original to the house when it was built in 1923, came special order from England, and bear a trio motif of roses, thistles, and shamrocks.

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   Rose of England              Thistle of Scotland               Shamrock of Ireland

But what is the significance of this trio? As Wikipedia explains:

“Since the 1801 Act of Union between Britain and Ireland, the shamrock was incorporated into the Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom, depicted growing from a single stem alongside the rose of England, and the thistle of Scotland to symbolise the unity of the three kingdoms. Since then the shamrock has regularly appeared alongside the rose, thistle and (sometimes) leek for Wales in British coins such as the shilling and crown, and in stamps. The rose, thistle and shamrock motif also appears regularly on British public buildings such as Buckingham Palace.”

031 (1016x1024)So even though nearly everything else has been renovated, replaced or upgraded,
we are happy we made the decision to keep the stained glass.027 (1024x681)And though they may not be modern or practical…
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…we love the feeling of tradition and heritage they impart,
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…and the beauty they add to our sunsets.

*This has been my take on this week’s photo challenge: Old-Fashioned @ wheresmybackpack.com

40 thoughts on “Old-Fashioned

  1. Hi Jennifer: We’re new to your blog by way of fellow blogging bud, Carrie Rubin. I can’t wait to show Inion these pictures. When she told me at (13 no less) that her home would be done in stained glass, I laughed. “A little dramatic don’t you think, baby?” But she insisted that she loved it and would settle for nothing less. Clearly you’ve proved me wrong. This is stunning!!! Elegant and tastefully done accenting a perfect view from your window; and what a view it is. Sharing this now so others can enjoy. 😉

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  2. Jennifer they are beautiful and I would have kept them too. Really unique and wow what a sunset. I adore old fashioned. I bet they would be hard to find if you were looking to buy them now. Probably worth a fortune.

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    1. Kath, I bet you would be right about them being hard to find. I googled the trio motif description and found lots of info, but when I googled the images of them I came up with nothing. Worth a fortune? That hadn’t even occurred to me!

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  3. Hello Jennifer. I have nominated you for a photo and writing challenge.
    You may or may not want to accept this challenge. Either way, I wanted to acknowledge your support for me over the years we have been blogging friends. I have really appreciated your kindness. I think your blog is inspiring.

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  4. Jennifer these windows are so beautiful. We had lead light windows in our last home and they created such a special ambience. The story behind your windows is amazing. Plus you have a breathtaking view from them?! 🙂

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