Ten Things My Grandchildren Taught Me

When most adults spend quality time with youngsters, they usually think of what they can share with them and teach them about life and the world around them.

While I spent a sizable chunk of April taking care of my two grandchildren, I did plenty of that, but – surprise, surprise – I also learned a few things about myself.

1. My addiction to jigsaw puzzles is alive and well. I had thought my love for putting them together (and the harder the better) had faded over the years, but helping and then pretty much taking over our grandson’s Skylander collection of puzzles turned out to be fun and surprisingly absorbing.


2. It is actually possible for me to like a Justin Bieber song without being fond of the Biebs himself. My granddaughter feels the same way, so I know it’s entirely acceptable.

3. I’ve taken a shine to the Wii Just Dance video games. Great uptempo music, effective aerobic exercise, having fun like a kid with the kids – what’s not to love? And who cares what I look like bopping around with them?

10617794. I always thought I didn’t like Brussels sprouts, but turns out I do! They can be delicious when you don’t boil the sh*t out of them (sorry, Mom). Five to ten minutes with a dash of salt: perfection. Thanks for the tip, granddaughter! Would you believe she was the one who wanted me to buy them?



5. Apparently and according to my granddaughter, I smile whenever I check my appearance in the mirror. I had no idea, and she finds it “creepy”.

6. I believe five bucks is too generous a gift from the tooth fairy. I don’t care if she is an Immortal Guardian.

7. I no longer think there is anything wrong with wearing your pyjamas around the house all day – my grandson totally encourages it. I still draw the line at wearing them out in public. That’s a trend I will never embrace.


8. According to this little fellow, the skin on my neck is very soft and “crinkly”, and he won’t let me forget it…well, I am his grandma, after all.

photo (4)

9. I adore having the opportunity to indulge them. And such fun to live in the moment with them!
10. I am profoundly grateful for having these little people in my life to love.

What have children taught you about yourself?

30 thoughts on “Ten Things My Grandchildren Taught Me

  1. Jennifer, I love the funny things children say–that’s definitely what I’m looking forward to about grandchildren. It’s also one of the biggest gifts I enjoy with my teens–laughter.Thanks for making me smile (creepy or not). ❤

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

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  2. I love the time I spend with children. They have much to teach if we are open to them. They have also given me clues into what childhood could have been.


  3. My youngest son’s daycare provider used to call brussel sprouts “alien heads,” and he would eat them at her house. Although I tried the same tactic, it didn’t work. I must not cook alien heads the right way.

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      1. Lucky you, great post Jennifer!
        Glad you mentioned “fresh is better” (bought and left on their stem, they’ll keep a good long time hung outside in an unheated garage or garden shed…) and, if you like their flavour after a short cook in water; you’ll like steaming even better – and it’s faster too, ’cause they don’t cool off the cooking water: )
        Hope Spring has arrived for you there. It seemed to take forever this year here in Ontario, as well):

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  4. Sounds like two lucky grandkids to have such a fun grandma! Isn’t kids’ honesty refreshing? Well, usually… 😉

    I, too, love jigsaw puzzles. It’s been a couple years since I’ve worked on one. I’ll have to start a new one. I find it very calming.

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