A Valentine from Vivian

005 (1280x1010)

I know you may think
that I look kind of lazy
But not every day
I’m as fresh as a daisy

IMG_0171 (853x1280)

Precious few are so perfect
to wear halos above us
So we look past the faults
of who we love and who love us

Like where did this dog toy
come from, we inquire
When there are gorgeous kitty cats
here to admire?

014 (1082x1280)

But I won’t dwell on that,
just an oversight, maybe
I’ll forgive and forget
and not act like a baby

And we won’t envy Jennifer
with her life that’s just ducky
‘Cause we know of a time
when she wasn’t so lucky

IMG_0178 (1280x853)

So don’t be concerned
if you haven’t seen Cupid
Don’t be down on romance
because that would be stupid

Just realize your True Love
may not be that far
And besides,
you are wonderful
just as you are!

017 (846x1280)

If you still find you’re sad
and alone on this day
Take a look at our cuteness
to chase troubles away

And please, pretty please,
know we love you like crazy
Happy Valentine kisses
from me and from Maisie. ❤

013 (1280x686)

The Daily Post Prompt:
Cupid’s Arrow – Write an ode to someone or something you love. Bonus points for poetry!

22 thoughts on “A Valentine from Vivian

  1. Cute teddies; I am not specially fond of cats, Jennifer, but in these pics even they seem to have acquired a cuteness of its own. Love is not merely limited to human relationships, it is an infinitely wider, all-embracing and inclusive sentiment that needs to be nurtured every day of our lives… Just for this context I like to change your name to leave you with the fully-charged one-liner, happy Valentine wish to u my dear Clementine…xoxo… Raj.

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  2. Jennifer, I love the kitty pics and the hope you penned in your poem. So sweet of you to remember that some people haven’t found their forever Valentine yet–and I agree they’re wonderful just as they are. Better alone with peace than engaged with turmoil. ❤

    Blessings on your Valentine weekend ~ Wendy ❀

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    1. Amen to that, Wendy. Without a doubt, it is better to be alone with peace than engaged with turmoil. I know from experience.
      Many people don’t do Valentine’s Day, and I get that it can be a money concern, but what could be so wrong with expressing a little affection? Not all love is romantic, after all. 🙂 ❤

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