Is There Room* in Your Book for Me?


I thought it funny the book is called “Our Mutual Friend”!

Is your pet as clingy as ours? Please share your story!

*Weekly Photo Challenge: Roomย No. 2

34 thoughts on “Is There Room* in Your Book for Me?

  1. Jennifer, I love the irony of the title. Your cats live in a heavenly home. My daughter’s cat likes to climb onto my dining room chair as soon as I leave the table after dinner (warmed up just for her). There’s a soft pillow on it to protect my tail bone–but she’s sure it’s especially for her. I think she likes how the tablecloth drapes over the sides to provide her with a canopy bed fit for a princess. It’s adorable to see her little black face peeking out.

    Blessings ~ Wendy โ€


    1. I bet it is, Wendy! Our Maisie, the shy one, has found a similar cozy nest at our table.

      I was saying to my husband only yesterday how good our cats have it. What a life, where their every need is met, and they both get tons of love and affection. Sad to say, but Iโ€™m sure there are children who donโ€™t have it as good.



  2. LOL for the cat…
    One of the more annoying stuff is when they purposely sitting on the keyboard when we are trying to type something…


  3. Oh, that’s a lovely picture! How funny they are! ๐Ÿ™‚ Our McDuff isn’t the world’s most cuddly cat, and it’s all on his conditions. Should I decide to read the newspaper at the kitchen table, he’s there though … covering the paper! Should I decide to have a snooze in the afternoon, he’d be there with me in bed, but rarely at night. He has a built in clock — he tells me when to go to bed at night …


  4. Ha! I love this! Have you seen that photo of the cat sitting in an egg carton with the caption: “if it fits, I sits.” This reminded me so much of that. Atta girl, Vivian.


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