This being the last day of Autism Awareness month, I am reblogging Kath Unsworth’s post on the topic. She has such a gentle yet inspirational way of explaining how autism has touched her life.

Minuscule Moments of Inspiration

For those of you who do not know….. April is Autism Awareness Month and to promote this event the colour blue is everywhere.

Here is my interpretation of what Autism means to me.

blue bird Art work By Kath Unsworth

I sketched this bird because he is beautiful, yet vulnerable, he looks like all the other birds but he is unique and flies on a different flight path than most. He is happy with who he is, it is other’s who are ignorant to difference and try to change him into something he is not.

This is for you my sweet clever boy, we will always be here for you and your sister.

Different not Less.

You never see it coming, that healthy new-born baby bubbling with possibilities . I use to wonder why I had so much freedom. Traveling the world, doing as I pleased with little or no real responsibilities. When I met…

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