Staying Warm…and Inspired

At long last and according to our milder forecast for the next few days, I don’t have to wear this when I go out for a walk.


There have even been sightings of robins, can you believe it? Could Spring be arriving extra early this year? Or are these poor, confused robins that forgot to fly south?

In any case, I’m happy it is warmer for how ever long it lasts, and thoughts of winter ending at some point (the days are getting longer!) fills me with anticipation. Husband and I are considering a tropical vacay in a couple of months, so that helps me keep warm too, with visions of hot sandy beaches and warm fun-filled nights, and the smell of fruity drinks and suntan lotion by a relaxing pool.

But you know what else helps to keep me warm? My peeps here at WordPress. And as promised, here is a shout-out to my most prolific commenters, a rather diverse group, who also happen to be bloggers too.

TALKTODIANA – Diana is a gal full of wit and wisdom, a friendly, community-minded breath of fresh air whose blog I adore. A fellow Canadian with a lovely sense of humour, Diana always comes up with interesting topics to blog about.

Miniscule Moments of Inspiration –  Kath Unsworth is a writer and illustrator from Australia. She pens and does the artwork for children’s books, loves animals, and she never fails to stimulate and encourage me with her creative talent. She is also a wife and mother, and lives and works on a dairy farm.

Almost Spring – Elizabeth is another blogger I follow from the Land Down Under. An introvert like myself, her blog is all about her journey from “we” to “me”, and how her divorce has propelled her into a fascinating study of self-examination and what an individual needs to define and sustain a sense of purpose and wellbeing.

GREENLIGHTLADY – Wendy is another fellow Canadian – from the opposite coast! – who is a  photographer extraordinaire and an inspiring poet. She blogs about the beauty of nature and all the things she is thankful for, and is always there with a supportive word.

Seasons Change, and so have I – Carla and I started blogging around the same time and was my first follower. As her blog name attests, she has gone through many changes, even since she started blogging, and I admire her for her honest and forthright views on everything from mental health to current events. She is from Kentucky, USA.

jmgoyder – Julie is a sweetheart of a lady from Australia (what is it with these wonderful Aussie women?) who is a retired Creative Writing and English lecturer. She keeps us inspired with her posts about her husband with advanced Parkinson’s disease, and her teenage son who has just turned twenty. She poignantly shares her life, the highlights and the low moments alike, with her readers. Always a worthwhile read.

For all bloggers out there, is there anyone you know who warms your heart and is deserving of a “bouquet” for being a loyal follower? Or is there a blog you follow you’d love to tell the world about?

20 thoughts on “Staying Warm…and Inspired

  1. Jennifer, what an honor to be mentioned by you and included with such lovely and poignant sounding blogs. Hugs! I will be back to check out your friends blogs when we’re done supper here on the wet and balmy Vancouver Island. PS- I need to tell you that I really enjoy and love your writing style as well as the beautiful Newfoundland landscape pictures that you post.

    Blessings ~ Wendy


    1. Thank you so much, Wendy for the lovely compliments. And you’re welcome for being included in my list; I love your writing and photos and I always check out your posts, even if I don’t always comment due to time constraints.
      Sounds like you folks on the west coast are getting lots of rain this winter. Is that usual? It has warmed up here considerably, going up to +6 today or tonight.


      1. Yes, it is very normal for us to receive more rain than we want. This year our fall was very dry–so this rain is welcome. Our local ski hill opened late due to the lack of snow;when it rains in our valley that means snow for the mountains. 🙂


  2. Hey, I have a quick question I wanted to ask you about your blog, do you think you could send me an email when you get this? Thanks! Tiffany


  3. What a kind post. I’m heading over to check out all these bloggers now! =)

    Your note about the robins made me smile. All this week, my yard has been covered in birds and I’ve heard lots overhead flying by. While I’m somewhat nervous they forgot to fly South for the winter, I’m secretly hoping this is a sign of Spring’s early arrival!


    1. Yes, I’m hoping too, Caitlin. Can’t get here too quickly for me.
      As I said to another commenter, you are further down on the list of frequent comments. Thanks so much for your interest in my blog. 🙂


  4. Hugs! Thanks for the shout out and generous description of my blog Jennifer! It means so much coming from you.

    I’ve seen the flooding in NB and NS on the news, are you getting their type of meltdown as well? As for winter in Canada and the way we have to dress for our walks… well… maybe it’s because I live here, but I think it’s sexy! 😉
    Diana xo


    1. So sorry, Diana, I just got your comment because our internet was down most of the day. Whew! Glad it’s back.
      There is flooding in different areas but not here, thank heavens.
      You are very welcome…love your blog.
      Are you saying my scarfed face looks sexy?? 😉


  5. Hello. Thanks for the mention. You summed up the drive behind my blog better than I ever could. Thanks so much.
    It has certainly been quite cold where you are. I had heard it had been unseasonably warm (for winter) in BC coast. It seems crazy to get the different extremes. I am glad that the weather is becoming a little kinder for you.
    Thanks again for the mention. I really appreciate it and the support you have given me for my writing.


    1. I certainly wish I could enjoy some of the summer weather you must be getting, if it was only for one day. 🙂

      You are kindly welcome. Your thoughtful posts are deserving of notice, and I never miss one.


  6. Jennifer so sweet of you! Im guessing one day you will have to arrange that suntan lotion….. head down under and visit with all these fellow Aussies that you follow. I am so glad we connected. I adore your part of the world too.


    1. Wouldn’t that be a trip to remember! Imagine me visiting some blogger friends like you and enjoying Australia this time of year. For now though I’ll have to settle for an economical all-inclusive vacation. 🙂 Glad we connected too, Kath. x


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