The Youngest Man In My Life

Meet the little fellow who happens to own a giant chunk of my heart.  At just four years of age, “J” is the youngest person in my family, and in my life.

In many ways, my grandson J is your typical little boy. He likes to do the things his dad does, which includes everything from working on the car..

…to collecting Star Wars figurines!  And like most little boys, J loves to get up close and personal with wiggly, wriggly things.

Usually our little man doesn’t mind getting his picture taken…

..but not always. 🙂

When I go to visit my little grandson, at first he is usually very shy, and his first instinct is to hide behind his mother’s legs. Then out of the blue, he suddenly runs toward me, barreling into my waist with the sweetest, strongest hug! What makes a four-year-old boy do that?

He makes me think that I must be a pretty good grandma, and that he knows I adore him. But I bet he hasn’t any idea just how much. ♥

10 thoughts on “The Youngest Man In My Life

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    So good to hear from you again. It’s been crazy as I get closer to the publication date so I’m a bit behind on replies. Hope all is going well up there. I so want to be there!



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