Off to the City!

Now that the long-awaited summer has arrived in earnest in Newfoundland, your typical mortal starts thinking of getting out into the country.  She may be planning a vacation in one of our lovely outports, or getting away from it all in a secluded cabin, or camping out and about in an RV or tent.

But where does a transplanted country mouse like me plan a summer getaway?  Why, back to the capital city, of course.  This Saturday, my husband and I are packing up our kitties, leaving his little hometown, and driving to my much larger hometown of St. John’s for a couple of weeks.

This change of pace also accommodates my mother-in-law and her son, who are switching houses with us for this period.  I’ve been preparing my home for their stay, so that when they arrive everything will be ready for them, including some freshly baked bread and a pot of homemade soup.  We hope they enjoy their holiday as well, in what we like to call our little corner of heaven on earth.

As for me, I know the time will fly by all too quickly.  Between spending time with my mom in her nursing home, playing with our grandchildren, and visiting other family, that will barely leave time for much else.  Somehow I must fit in some shopping, some outdoor fun, a dentist appointment, dining out, and partying too (husband’s birthday is fast approaching).  George Street, maybe?  We even have an out-of-town side trip planned to the Placentia Regatta celebrations with my siblings and their mates.  Good times are in store, for sure.

Despite my temporary city mouse schedule, I will still do my best to post to my blog while I’m away.  Have laptop, will travel!
What special plans have you made to shake things up for the summer?

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