Sunday Snap: Comfort

“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.”
~ Albert Schweitzer

I know there are other means of refuge, Mr. Schweitzer, but those two are major sources of comfort for me.

Feeling sad and fearful today. My heart breaks for the victims of two more mass shootings over the weekend.

Where is the comfort and refuge for the loved ones left to grieve? How many more innocent people have to die from senseless gun violence before changes are made?


I have always hated good-byes. They suck.

There are all sorts of good-byes in this world. This past weekend, a blogger friend of mine had to say good-bye to one of her dear little cats, and everyone who knows me at all knows what cats mean to me. I feel your grief, Lois!

And you might think when another blogger friend decides to no longer continue with her blog that it wouldn’t be a very big deal, but to me, it is. A virtual, cyber relationship can be meaningful, especially when it is a relationship that has gone on for a while and you have supported each other in ways other people can’t. She will be missed. 😦

But I am richer for having known her. As a writer, I understand why she needs to do this. And we will still be in touch on Twitter (though that isn’t the same!)

I wish all the best for you, C.R., in your writing career and everything you do.

Try to drop by once in a while, okay?

That is all.

scarecrow goodbye