Photo Prompt: Sail

We know we should help our environment by reducing waste wherever we can. So with the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” advice in mind, I came up with an idea to repurpose an old favourite sweatshirt of mine.

At a marina in Maine
At a marina in Maine

This is no off-the-rack item. My husband gave it to me years ago after creating the artwork for a St. John’s, NL tour boat company. The owners of the Scademia* sold T-shirts with the new artwork, and Paul gifted me with a sweatshirt.

After a time and tons of wear, the sleeves and neckline became decidedly off-white, so it disappeared into the back of my closet. Recently I was tossing away old clothes, rediscovered it, and came up with this:

Ready for hanging! Not bad, huh?

*The Scademia, the last of the Grand Banks Schooners, was an icon in the tourism industry for over 25 years. Many people from around the world have walked her decks as she took them out through the narrows on an adventure on the open seas. . . . Many people were married, fell in love, or even got screeched-in aboard of her, including many famous people like rock legend Rod Stewart and the late Pierre Elliott Trudeau.Facebook

This is my contribution to the RDP Monday prompt: SAIL

33 thoughts on “Photo Prompt: Sail

  1. Hi Jennifer – oh I love this so much! What a terrific idea to repurpose your sweatshirt. I love that art work. I grew up sailing, so pictures like this one always attract me. I loved the picture of you sporting it too!

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    1. You grew up sailing? How cool is that! The schooner image fits perfectly here, not only because we’re coastal but because our house once belonged to Paul’s grandfather who was the captain of a schooner.
      Thanks, Barbara!

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  2. Jennifer, this is inspired and the picture is beautiful and serene. It’s great that the colours as still so vivid! You will have us all heading to our wardrobes! I know some that I would have loved to keep but they have already been given away!

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