Vivian’s View From Here: What’s on the Telly?

Happy Sunday, peeps and pets! Vivian K. Perry here, talking today about my television habits, of all things.

Of course, I’m at the mercy of my staff in this area. I don’t have the manual dexterity to use the remote, so what they choose to watch, I am stuck with. Sometimes that’s good, and sometimes not so good.

Playoff hockey is tolerable. I like watching the players chase after the puck like I chase after my favourite ball. But I couldn’t care less who wins!

I lost interest in The Woman in the Window movie. There was a cat in it, but she only had a teeny tiny cameo part. Anyway, my staff said the book was a thousand times better (and the cat was in more scenes).

The Younger series is silly to me, and I usually fall asleep when it comes on. Mom says she never wishes to go back to relive her twenties, and she definitely wouldn’t want to be a millennial in today’s world. Then why does she keep watching it?

Now here’s something I actually love. “Cool cat” 60’s jazz from Dave Brubeck: Take Five. I’m signing off now, but do have a listen below. Have a purr-fect week, everyone!

27 thoughts on “Vivian’s View From Here: What’s on the Telly?

  1. What fun! I like hearing about TV shows from your perspective Vivian. I agree that there is not much good out there. Can’t they make a story about a beautiful cat and a lonely dog and a friendship they create?, Hmmm, maybe your mom could think about writing this one. ☺️

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    1. Audrey, I’m assuming it’s a sign of intelligence. Lots of dogs are amused by TV but not as many cats, in my experience. So our kitties have that in common! As for jazz, it is definitely Vivian’s favourite music genre. Give it a try. 🙂

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  2. This is so clever, Jennifer – I love Viv’s sense of humor 🙂 I’ve been wondering about The Woman in the Window – I liked the book and heard there was a movie in the works. I just finished watching Mare of Easttown – I wonder what you’d think of that, Viv? No cats in it, though. But no dogs either!

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    1. Hi Barbara, from what I’ve heard, if you didn’t read the book Woman in the Window, you might like the movie. But if you did read it, you will find much of it sorely lacking the impact of the story. Books are usually better, and in my humble opinion this one is no exception. Hope that helps!
      Viv wants to know if you recommend Mare of Easttown to Jennifer! Thanks! 🙂

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  3. Always good to see you again Vivian ! For a good cat movie you & Mom might enjoy “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” One of the songs is even “Something for Cat.”

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  4. Hi Vivian! We all agree with you about Dave Brubeck–he is one cool cat. Thanks for the tip about The Woman in the Window. Our mom was thinking about watching it, but she doesn’t like scary movies, so…what was she thinking?! Tell your mom to let you post more–it is always good to see you here. Love, Parker, Piper and Pumpkin.

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    1. Hey, guys! I think we’re all cool cats, Brubeck included. 😻 And now you’re putting ideas in my furry head about taking over Jennifer’s blog. Maybe she wouldn’t rule it out, down the road someday.
      With fans like you, it could happen! – love Vivian. xx

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