Virginia Rose

Just a bud
full bloom

The Virginia rose, also known as a common wild rose or prairie rose, is a woody perennial in the rose family native to eastern North America, where it is the most common wild rose. ~ Wikipedia

The pollen on the wild rose’s yellow anthers are an important food source for many beneficial insects, including bees. The rose hips they produce are a winter food for birds and mammals such as waxwings, grouse, pine grosbeaks, rabbits, and even coyotes.

I took these pics in July. They grow everywhere in our province, but these are from my daughter’s garden at her summer home in Lead Cove, NL.

Can you tell I miss summer already?
What’s your favourite wild flower?

This is my contribution to Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge

17 thoughts on “Virginia Rose

  1. Jennifer, can I join you on missing summer already?! The warm autumn was beautiful but it’s hard to adjust to the current cold.

    Your post was like a soft summer breeze and this is one of my favourite flowers, I love the name for it in Canada. Its fragrance brings me straight to my grandparent’s island where it grew abundantly and I have some in my garden now. I hope you often visit your daughter so you can enjoy these. Hugs xx

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    1. I know, Annika. It’s actually 16 degrees Celsius here today but most days now are colder. Hard to adjust is right!
      They do have a lovely fragrance, don’t they? I have another kind of wild rose growing through my neighbour’s fence and slowly migrating into my yard. I love them. 🙂 xx

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  2. So pretty, Jennifer. It’s great that these grow wild and are also such an important part of the food supply. By the way, those yellow wildflowers I was asking you about and also calling ragweed? I was wrong – it’s goldenrod! There is a ragweed plant but it’s not that pretty and I’m glad it isn’t as widespread around here! Fewer sneezes! Happy summer dreams!

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