Way Back When

I cheated a bit today by sharing two photos.

That’s my mom in St. John’s, May 1968.

The other  is her older brother Jack and his son Paul in 1950’s Grates Cove, NL.

“Each photograph is a story captured in a single moment.” – M. Lopez

23 thoughts on “Way Back When

  1. Lovely photos, Jennifer – and it’s not really cheating…just one big photo! Your mother has a beautiful smile and a twinkle in her eye…her nephew looks like he’s squirming to edge away. A wonderful quote and that is the magic of photos, stories within every single one! 😀

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  2. I LOVE looking at ‘old’ photos, always thinking that when the photo was taken, the subject was very much ‘in the moment’ then, and it was very real. Seeing that photo of your cute mom really took me back to the time of fashion and decorating in the 60s.

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  3. I love these “snaps” – they definitely tell a story. We had a kitchen very similar to the one your mom is in – brings back memories. Good to see that Honey Combs were popular back then too! Your uncle looks like he’s ready to take his son somewhere special. I like how your cousin’s hands are in his pockets!

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    1. The styles from the sixties were very universal I suppose, especially here in North America.
      As another commenter mentioned, old photos can certainly be a source of inspiration for writing stories. It does look like Uncle Jack was going somewhere special with the way he is dressed. Reminds me of the way they looked in the movies from the fifties. 🙂

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    1. I’ve done the same. In the case of my mother’s photo, though, I wonder about the photographer. Was it Dad? Did he think she looked particularly pretty that morning? In those days, when the mood struck, you couldn’t just pull out your phone – you had to hope there was still some film in the camera!

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