Little Baker Then & Now

“If baking is any labor at all, it’s a labor of love. A love that gets passed from generation to generation.”
~ Regina Brett

Our little baker girl at two years old:

“It’s a good thing you gave me this apron, Nanny.”
“I love making muffins.”
“Even my batter tastes good.”
“Can’t wait until they’re baked!”

And here she is at nine years. Where has the time gone?

“Wearing my new apron from Auntie Lynn. Please don’t mind my photobombing brother.”

Our boy is turning SEVEN on Saturday.
 Can’t wait to see you on the weekend, my treasures. xo

“Grandchildren are one of the sweetest rewards for raising a family.”
~ J. Kelland Perry

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

What does reward mean to you?

44 thoughts on “Little Baker Then & Now

  1. I absolutely agree that baking is passed down! My grandmother used to bake with me every time I would visit. Those are the best memories. Your grandchildren are adorable, btw!

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  2. Jennifer, you have adorable grandchildren. ❤ I smiled all the way through this post. And your quote is perfect. Seriously though, parenting is rewarding–but I also look forward to the icing on the cake–being grandparents.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

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    1. Parenting is definitely rewarding! But like you said, grandchildren are the icing on the cake (speaking of baking, ha ha). If or when you get to that life stage, Wendy, you will see how it is rewarding in a special, different way. 🙂
      Thanks! xo

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  3. What a beautiful post Jenhifer! And grandchildren are the best reward in the world. We can never be promised them so if they do arrive then it’s a true blessing.
    When my MS started to get very progressive, it was around the time our first two were being born and I felt because I couldn’t run round playing or take them to the park etc on my own, I would never bond with them and therefore I would miss out. How wrong I was!! I have such a special bond with each of them that nothing in the world could pull apart.
    Your grandchildren are beautiful!! ❤️

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    1. Christine, I’m glad your MS didn’t interfere with the bonding. Grandchildren are such a blessing and I feel very fortunate to have two to call my own. They are indeed a gift. Thanks. 🙂


  4. Jennifer gorgeous photos and grandkids. Love seeing them grow up in pictures. My reward would be anything to do with some time to myself. That sounds selfish I know but soon I will be going on an art retreat with two of my sisters(no children). I have not left my children since never. Maybe one night away from them a long time ago and I will be away for three whole nights. I need it and I know they will enjoy dad time.

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    1. Not selfish at all, Kath. Mom needs to take care of herself and be rewarded too. The art retreat sounds perfect for you, while your husband gets quality time with the kids which is valuable too.

      Hard to wrap my mind around how fast the children grow. I’m really looking forward to April because I’m going to be caring for them for two whole weeks. Yay!

      Jennifer xo

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  5. That is so sweet! My boys never quite took to baking. Surprise surprise.

    What does reward mean to me? Probably lots of things, but the first one that comes to mind is the relaxation I finally get after working really hard. You know you can get through the work when you know a dinner out with the family will follow, or a favorite TV show you’ve been waiting to watch, or a great book, etc.

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    1. They didn’t inherit the baking gene from you? 😉
      Nothing like delayed gratification to give you incentive for getting the job done! I particularly felt that way when Nanowrimo was on, knowing I would treat myself at the end of the month for writing like a maniac.

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