Have you ever been impressed by the beauty of a door? The world is filled with doorways* and entrances, but here are several that left me either pleased by their quaintness, awed by their workmanship, or entranced by their immensity and grandeur. All before ever setting one foot inside.

For starters, a charming little one from the Barbour Heritage Village in my town:


This entrance in Bonavista with its crisp contrasting colours and symmetry:

In Montreal, the beauty and craftsmanship of this splendid doorway:ย Montreal 2009 016

…and how about the opulence of this entrance in Cannes? No, we didn’t stay there… ๐Ÿ˜‰
France 133

We stayed here, our inviting little home away from home:
France 146

The view through our balcony doors was also appealing, beckoning us outside.
France 183

Hard to top the view of Lake Maggiore from our patio doors in Stresa:
France 075

Here’s a closer look of the northern Italian lake:
France 076

In Paris, the entrance to the Notre Dame Cathedral is imposing…
France 020 (2)

France 024

…and so elaborately adorned.
France 030

How about this golden carved door in Florence?
test1 128Gotta love the Renaissance.

I saved my personal favourite, also in Florence, for last.
test1 140

*Ailsa’s Weekly Travel Theme: Doorways @ wheresmybackpack.com

55 thoughts on “Entranced

    1. Hi, Marlene, I don’t know how I missed it but I only just saw your comment! So sorry, it’s not like me not to answer any comment. Glad you liked the doorways, and please do come back and visit. Lovely to see you here. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. You have not only entranced yourself but also yours truly reading this, Jennifer. Doors hold the promise of great many things, of mystery, wondrous opportunities, grandeur, beauty and paradise itself. Your selection covers it all…best wishes… Raj.

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  2. Beautiful photos Jennifer. There is so much to a door and such.a great subject to write about. Your post reminded me of this poem I read a while ago ๐Ÿ˜Š

    The Door – Miroslav Holub

    Go and open the door.
    Maybe outside thereโ€™s
    A tree, or a wood,
    A garden,
    Or a magic city.
    Go and open the door.
    Maybe a dogโ€™s rummaging,
    Maybe youโ€™ll see a face,
    or an eye,
    or the picture
    of a picture.
    Go and open the door,
    If thereโ€™s a fog
    It will clear.
    Go and open the door.
    Even if thereโ€™s only
    The darkness ticking,
    Even if thereโ€™s only
    The hollow wind,
    even if
    is there,
    go and open the door.
    at least
    thereโ€™ll be
    a draught.

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  3. If you are ever in San Francisco there is a ‘copy’ of Giberti’s Golden Doors at the entrance to Grace Cathedral. Due to fear that this work of art would be stolen or destroyed during WWII, casts were made from the original. The casts were used to create what is now seen in San Francisco. The originals were stolen by the Nazis. The train carrying the doors was blown up as it entered a tunnel and the masterpiece was not recovered until after the war.

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  4. Jennifer Im a sucker for a rustic doorway and when I travelled through Europe I found many doors and shutters to die for..Especially brightly painted ones….its a funny obsession, yours are very grand indeed…loving all your captures here.

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  5. these are great, i have seen some of these, Notre dame, i actually found myself being drawn to the doors and door handles while in Italy, Germany in 2012, they are breathtaking! thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

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