Cats in Contrast

Happy Monday, my darling peeps!

Vivian here again, returning to guest host on Jennifer’s Journal.

august 069

 Today’s update is actually in answer to the Photo Challenge: “Contrasts” over at the Daily Post. Yes, we know it’s a tad late, but Jennifer was busy blogging about other stuff.

Hmmm…which makes me wonder: what could be more important than CATS?

Particularly, Moi?

Even my sister Maisie is somewhat miffed that we were put on hold for other posts.

Never mind I was centre stage in three of the last seven journal entries; everybody would rather hear from Adorable Me than yet another post about boring writing, appreciation, and now, bouquets… blah, blah, blah. Am I right?

You’re nodding, aren’t you?

Now, on to the Challenge. Maisie and I are a study in contrasts, that is a given. Yes, we are cats, yes, we are sisters, and yes, we both love Perry’s Point. But our personalities differ greatly. I don’t like bananas, Maisie loves them. I stand on my hind legs to please my daddy master, Maisie wouldn’t dream of it. I love licking Maisie and cuddling with her, she merely tolerates me. If we were human, you would probably surmise that I’m an extrovert and Maisie is an introvert, and you would be correct.

But this is a “Photo Challenge”. I haven’t figured out how to use a camera – yet – so Jennifer took the following shots (and the shot above) and tweaked them a bit using lots of contrast in her photo editor to achieve these results.

august 067
This one shows my dreamy, romantic side.


Jennifer says she's going to paint this one someday. (rolls eyes) Since I'm her muse. Whatever!
Jennifer says she’s going to paint this one someday, since I’m her MUSE, she tells me. (rolls eyes) Whatever!


august 027
I was on the Hunt here, too preoccupied to pose prettily. “Here, Mickey…here, Tweety…wait! I think I see a flutterby!”


Maisie playing with the camera strap. Get a load of those talons. Yeesh, overdue for a mani-pedi?
Maisie playing with the camera strap. Get a load of those talons, will ya? Yeesh, someone overdue for a MANI-PEDI?


Ooh, even I have to admit this one was quite a capture. Sis looks like she sees something lipsmackingly delish. Did someone open a BANANA?
Ooh, even I have to admit this one was quite a capture. Sis looks like she sees something lipsmackingly delish. Did someone peel a BANANA?


My staff caught me unawares in this one...zzzzzzzzzzzz
Jennifer caught me unawares in this one….zzzzzz….but she let sleeping cats lie.

Jennifer says she thinks she’s onto something with the heavy contrast. She says the greater definition may help her draw or paint images from photos done this way. I’m iffy about it, but what do you think?

That’s it for me today. Vivian here signing off, but I leave you with my favourite quote:

“Of all God’s creatures there is only one that
cannot be made the slave of the lash,
that one is the cat. If man could be crossed
with the cat, it would improve man, but it
would deteriorate the cat.”

~ Mark Twain

22 thoughts on “Cats in Contrast

    1. “When the girls take over”…love it. You see what I mean with the photos, how the lines are defined? One day, I’m going to try. Of course, I know it can be difficult, but you make it look so attainable with all of your artistic talent!


  1. Jennifer, I love your cat pictures–the last one is my favorite. It amazes me how different their personalities can be, and yet they’re all so lovable in their own way.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀


    1. Cats are intelligent living things, just like people, I find. Therefore they have a variety of personalities. I have never known two cats with exactly the same personality. Then again, I study and watch them closer than most folks!


      1. Only in far northern climates do you find anything so lovely as huge slabs of lichen.

        I’m fascinated by the intricate beauty of small life forms–the things that are easy to overlook. I guess it’s a benefit of being forced to slow down enough to find the beauty in the smallest things of life. 🙂


        1. My husband and I were talking about just that yesterday, that in the arctic circle, as cold as it is, there are still thousands of species living, and even more now, I suppose, with global warming and the melting of the polar ice cap.
          What part of New England are you from, Tracy? We drove through several states to New York in 2002.
          Take a look at these life forms toward the end of my post here:


  2. Viv–you are a sight for sore eyes! What a blog! I am trying to bribe Parker into giving my our human’s password, but she refuses. **heavy sigh** Keep up the good work.–Kitty (the shy, quiet one).


    1. Why, thank you, Kitty! If I may, I have a tidbit of advice for you if you are serious about blogging: don’t give up working on your human – EVER. I’d love to read a post by you someday.

      Viv ❤


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