“…even when I can’t see you anymore”



I’m away from home this week, lending a hand with my daughter’s children while their regular sitter is on vacation. This morning while I was waiting for the kindergarten school bus with my six-year-old grandson, we had this conversation:

“J, why are you so cute?”

He smiled a little smile and said, “That’s what my mom always asks me.”

“Are you going to love Nanny even when she’s an old, old granny?”

He looked at me. “Yes. And I’ll love you even when you go away forever and I can’t see you anymore.”

With those words, I felt an abrupt squeeze around my heart. I think it broke a little.

I realized, since he and his sister had already lost one grandparent, this was a part of life he now expected.


I pray I’m there for you for a long, long time, my precious boy!

21 thoughts on ““…even when I can’t see you anymore”

  1. I had to read this a few times, it was so touching. He still does talk about this poppy from time to time. I’ll have to put this in his book that I am keeping for him…


  2. our culture fears death while other cultures teach their children that dying is a natural process, and he will still love Nanny even when she’s old and passed on.


    1. Oh gosh, Diana, I hope so too! His statement made me think of my own mortality, but in a way I have never framed it before. The words went through my heart, put a knot in my throat and humbled me like nothing ever did. xx


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