Scenes from Montreal

With few signs of spring here in Newfoundland, and our vacation more than two weeks away, I’m getting a little restless for a change of climate and scenery. This morning found me looking back on photos from a different spring, of our May trip to Montreal five years ago. Won’t you come along and take in some sightseeing with me, in one of my favourite cities?

Montreal 2009 026
view from our hotel room


Montreal 2009 014 (2)
inside the Centre for Architecture
Montreal 2009 028
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Montreal 2009 029
Let’s go inside.
Montreal 2009 030
Exhibition by Yoko Ono

Montreal 2009 032Montreal 2009 031

John Lennon's Piano
John Lennon’s Piano

Montreal 2009 038 (2)

Mount Royal Park
Mount Royal Park

Montreal 2009 049

Montreal 2009 051

Montreal 2009 052
playing in the park πŸ˜‰

Montreal 2009 053

Montreal 2009 055
Ah…Spring in full bloom

Montreal 2009 056

view from hotel # 2
view from hotel # 2
Loving Old Montreal!
Loving Old Montreal!

Montreal 2009 075

Montreal 2009 076

pretty windows
pretty windows
Montreal 2009 082
admiring the architecture

Montreal 2009 152

Montreal 2009 103
Montreal 2009 106
Montreal 2009 108

View from the top of Olympic Stadium
View from the top of Olympic Stadium

Montreal 2009 124Montreal 2009 111Montreal 2009 112

I wanted to bring these home.
I wanted to bring these home.
Sunday Fun Downtown
Sunday Fun Downtown

Montreal 2009 132
Montreal 2009 134

Enjoying sangria on Crescent Street

Hoping to visit again someday.

Have you ever been to Montreal? Lived there? What is your favourite city to visit?

22 thoughts on “Scenes from Montreal

  1. Your photography is always so exciting and vibrant! The colors you capture are beautiful πŸ™‚

    I’ve never been to Montreal, but have been to various other areas in Canada. After seeing these pictures, I’d love to travel there one day! The statue of the 3 ladies is too cute.


  2. Jennifer, I agree that that statue of the three talking ladies is a keeper. Montreal sure is lovely. I like visiting any place that has old architecture and big beautiful trees and parks. My next desire would be to visit art galleries and antique stores.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀


    1. Pretty city, isn’t it? Of course I didn’t capture everything, like the Ronde (amusement park), or the underground shopping city, or the lively nightlife. Maybe next time, if I ever get back there. πŸ˜‰


  3. Oh Jennifer – my old stomping grounds!! I love Montreal especially Vieux Montreal! I worked on Dorchester and Metcalf…I guess Dorchester is called Rue Rene Levesque now; not far from Old Montreal. I grew up and lived 18 miles away on the south shore across Pont Mercier in Chateauguay. It’s too bad Pauline Marois is such a hag and ruining what I believe to be the best city in Canada for tourists to visit; such a European feel – the rest of Canada is so America Lite in comparison. Thank you for reminding me of this beautiful city!
    Diana xo


    1. You are so lucky to have lived nearby and worked there! I love Montreal and all of its culture, and would love to have a third visit. Paul and I adore the European atmosphere and architecture. And of course it has plenty of green space and trees. Oh I could go on and on! Do you get back there often?
      I’m not familiar with Marois; what is she doing to ruin the city?


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