Travel Theme: Romance

City of Love

This is my contribution to Ailsa’s photo challenge at  

Happy Valentines Day!

16 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Romance

    1. Hi, Shakti. I found the cultural and artistic aspects unique from one another, but enjoyed both cities so much I would love to return someday. When I remember this particular trip, I can’t help my memories being coloured by the weather. It was much warmer in Rome than it was in Paris when we travelled there in June, while Cannes was warmer than both, in the 30’s. If you search for these places on my blog you will see many more photos!

      Thanks for dropping by. 🙂


  1. Jennifer how gorgeous, I went to Paris with my sister oh boy did we feel like we should have come with the loves of our lives but we had not met them yet. Happy valentines day to you I never made it to Rome…one day…. Thanks for sharing.


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