In Protest

I join lemony squeezes in her protest. Animal cruelty cannot be tolerated. ~ Jennifer’s Journal

11 thoughts on “In Protest

        1. I no longer put as much stock in FP as I once did. I do know that a very small percentage of blog posts are ever viewed by the editors each day, so what is chosen is actually pretty random and subjective.


  1. Hi, Lemonysqueezes! Thanks again for taking the time to write in to us; as you can see, the post has been removed. I hope you’ll still be a Freshly Pressed visitor – we try not to make the same mistake twice!


  2. Wow! Thank you so much, Jennifer, for reblogging my post and for visiting and following my blog. It’s great to make a new friend in the midst of a protest. I only hope that the author of the Freshly Pressed post will actually consider our comments, and that WP will remove his offensive post from the FP page. I am going right now to send an email to the address you gave me.


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