The Marathon of Novel-Writing

Another 1700+ words added to my NaNoWriMo work-in-progress today. So far so good. To stay on the topic of writing, I’m sharing a guest post I wrote for The Writer’s Path a few years ago, where I blog about my experiences as a novelist. The book idea I decided to set aside back then is the trilogy I’m working on now. Have a look!

24 thoughts on “The Marathon of Novel-Writing

  1. I love your comparison between writing and running. I do routinely compare the both too. And what I’ve found is that the process itself is pretty lacklustre. Like, what’s one more step? Or one more word? We give each step such little importance, but they do accumulate into an entire piece of work, or a marathon (or an ultra).

    Lovely post. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank you, Diana, and congrats to you too on finishing! No, my trilogy is of the speculative genre and totally unrelated to the Calmer Girls duology. I’ve written Book 1, which isn’t published yet, and I’m writing Book 2 right now.
      A friend suggested I write a prequel to CG to highlight their mother Darlene’s life before she had the girls. You never know, I just might one of those days. 🙂

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  2. You go, Jennifer!!! I was just talking about you, so to speak. About what kind of person can do a writing challenge in November with the holidays coming up. LOL Most people I know are either overwhelmed or having a nervous breakdown, if not both. And here you are churning out all these words!!!! You’re like a holiday miracle :).

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    1. Thanks, Luanne! Yes, without Thanksgiving getting in the way, it’s easier for us Canadians. I’m churning out something, but a miracle? Ha ha I wouldn’t go that far. And I’ll save my nervous breakdown for something more dire!

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      1. Good point. Americans are so dumb. But I suspect we had our November Thanksgiving and you Canadians took one look at it and said, “We can do this one better and save ourselves a lot of grief!”

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