Times Change: My Boy & Me

As promised, here is Part Two of yesterday’s post, where I continue down memory lane, this time with my son Brian. Unfortunately, most of the photos from his childhood do not include me (I was holding the camera), so I filled in with other loved ones.

My Mom & Dad with Brian
Β Brian with his Nanny & Poppy Kelland
Isn't he cute? <3
In the bathtub. Isn’t he cute? ❀
First Birthday - with Corina & Denise
First Birthday – with Corina & Denise
There you are, Mommy, to clean up my mess – or to feed me cake crumbs πŸ™‚
An oldie but goodie - making bread
An oldie but goodie – making bread
Handsome little Man
Handsome little Man
with Nan & Pop again
with Nan & Pop again
Celebrating Grad Day
Celebrating Grad Day
How big you've grown, my boy!
How big you’ve grown, my boy

~ So ends this two-part series of my Blast From the Past. ~

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

What does change mean to you?

29 thoughts on “Times Change: My Boy & Me

  1. This series was wonderful, Jennifer. My kids first goal in life was to be taller than me. I had to chuckle at the last photo of you and your son–yup, taller than you. Kids have a way of doing that, don’t they?!

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  2. It’s hard to see that little boy in the grown man. I bet it’s easy for you. For me, with my kids, I can’t separate the emotion and interior monologue with what’s right in front of my eyes. My son smiles and I see a whoosh of memories.

    How fun this was.

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