The Complexity of Feeling


how can it be I feel this way

it makes no sense to me

a melancholy morning

then joy at half past three

a kaleidoscope of happiness

edged with a lace of tears

passion’s incongruity

does catch me unawares

a time of life condition

or something strange – more dire

dichotomy of tenderness

enveloped in a fire

it burns a path inside me

keeps me alive these days

but when the flame does dwindle

enter darkness and malaise


This has been my contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

Can People Feel Happy and Sad at the Same Time?



There is a crimson heart, fragile, rapt

in ribbons of warm velvet devotion; 

it pumps and flows,

this vessel of rich red darkness, 

steeped by experience and translucent scars

etched and carved by the throes of life.

There is a red hot anger that spatters and soaks you – 

but for a moment –

then runs smooth and deep

scarlet as it soothes and cloaks you

and keeps you warm.

There is a woman, your crazy love

with the breakable heart;

listen to her


the bleeding