Sometimes I’m Still That St. John’s Girl

Downtown St. John's seen from Signal Hill

Sometimes I’m still that St. John’s girl
Bleached blonde by summer’s sun
I look back on tender yesterdays
At all that she has done

The budding artist, in love, she dreamed
Of pretty horses in collage
The magic spun in scrapbooking
Her passionate montage

Remembering the songs, the plays,
Sweet poetry of youth
What fun we had as siblings then
Before we learned the truth

Sometimes I’m still that high-strung lass
Who cries alone at night
The little sixties flower child
Who tried with all her might

To do what was always expected
To pass another test
To get another golden star
That proved she’d done her best

Yet all things pass, the loss profound
We took it on the chin
Supports we took for granted
Have flown upon the wind

But still to love with all your being
A thing of beauty, made
And share it with your childhood peers,
To stand by it, unafraid

And still to wish for little things
No, not to look for praise
But to hear a sibling’s loving voice
On cake and candle days

This is my heart.  I offer it
With passions intertwined,
My gift, bestowed through Mom and Dad,
To those they left behind.

To Rome with Love

The click on terra cotta tiles

A welcoming staccato beat

Quick-sure heels on cobblestone

We join the rhythm on the street.

Mellifluent foreign banter

Fill the sidewalks and the bars

Then laughter tinkling, glasses clinking

Under the Italian stars.

Heady scent of sweet ambrosia

Lips stained red with deep dark wine

Swarthy locals’ smiling faces

Lovers with their arms entwined.

Tastes and smells are all around us

Food and drink beyond compare

Warm night air drapes on my shoulders

Sated, sleepy, not a care.

Street musicians serenade us

As we stroll our way back home

Memories to last a lifetime

A summer’s night in downtown Rome.

To Home


Carving a life far from the crowd
Discovering passion in quietude–
As quiet as it can be beside the somersault of waves and
Wild surf
We trace the shore with careful steps, then
Kiss beneath the stars

 Like pipers we break into a run when we reach the sand
And climb the hill to home
Your windswept smile reminds me why I came, then
Later, raising a toast to your plan
Come to fruition,
I smile at our plight
Another peaceful night