Take My Advice


Take my advice. I know;
I’ve seen it all before.
Don’t take that chance on love:
You don’t need it.
You don’t need the hurt, the betrayal,
The aching disappointment.
Turn away from it all.
Don’t second-guess.

Stop short on your desire
To return that charming wink–
Don’t think, not for a moment
Maybe this one could be true.
Turn up your haughty nose
At dependence on another.
Laugh with scorn at silly flirting
And the thought of ever playing
Those degrading games again.


Wrap yourself in sullen comforts,
Insulate your timid soul.
Extricate your battered heart
From such disturbing folly.
Only then will you be certain
Your pride remains intact,
And in time
You will forget
How it ever felt

To love.

– taken from Pages from the Past by Jennifer Kelland Perry