My Girl*

my girl and me
mother’s day weekend 2013

Today, June 14th,

is my girl’s birthday.

Since the first moment I held her

and gazed into her eyes

when I was just eighteen,

she’s been as constant in my life as the stars.

I wonder if she realizes

how much she has enriched my life,

how proud I am of her and

how happy I am to be her mom, because

she is more than a daughter to me.

She is my friend.

  Happy Birthday,

 **  Denise  **

“A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give.” ~ Laurel Atherton


*This is one of my evergreen posts, first published here in 2013.

37 thoughts on “My Girl*

  1. Jennifer, a belated Happy Birthday to your daughter! 😀🌻 Of course, she knows ‘ how much she has enriched’ your life and it is a wonder to be a close friend with one’s child … sharing life experiences on a whole new level. A friendship to beat all others … a richness not to be surpassed by anything else in life! hugs xx❤️

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  2. As Jacqui says, “I know how you feel” but you write it so well poetically. As we wrote in an earlier blog to each other, my daughter’s b.d. was just four days before your daughter’s – June 10. (And my son’s on June 4.) Lots of great Gemini’s there, yes? But daughters become our best friends, and what a blessing indeed. Gorgeous photo of you both.

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