Tree in Autumn*

On the cusp of her dark autumn

November gathers and descends
once bright in October’s glow
her fallen raiment of gold
now flies upon the wind.

Stiff limbs scrape the starless sky
mute shadows fill her spaces
so no one sees the cracks
wrought by her many seasons
of frost and limp regret.

©J.K. Perry


*Photo taken November 14, 2019 in Grand Falls-Windsor

Nighttime and Here I Stand:
2 titles in #2019picoftheweek challenge. For details see MariaAntonia

27 thoughts on “Tree in Autumn*

  1. I can see how your tree (and photo) inspired these lovely words. The longer I live in New England (from CA) the more I appreciate the beauty of the stark, naked trees after they release their red and golden leaves. A different kind of beauty. But as your photo shows, and your poem relates, what emotion this starkness brings forth!

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    1. There is a lot to be said for the changing seasons, when it comes to beauty it all its varieties. We were staying overnight next to that park, and when I saw the tree on our way out to dinner, I whipped my phone out lickety-split. The poem came to me yesterday. Thanks, Pam! xx


  2. Wow! Jennifer, I love your poem! Captures the eerie atmosphere around this tree. I love these lines:
    “Stiff limbs scrape the starless sky
mute shadows fill her spaces”
    Wonderful writing! You’re a natural poet!

    Happy Weekend! 😀🌺

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