September’s Song

I wrote the following in September of 1994. It was a time of great transition for me.

I wanted to express my readiness for the next chapter, and my anticipation of what good things might come my way. When I wrote it, I had no way of knowing I would be meeting my future (and now present) husband later in that same month.

To me, these heartfelt words of my younger self are still fresh and very much alive. They have no expiry date.

September’s Song

The September sun falls warm upon my face
as I blink back a lonely tear.

But to be alone isn’t so bad.
A decade of fragile dreams, dashed,
had prepared me for this season of solitude.

Hadn’t you known it was inevitable,
poor battered heart?

The gulf I see ahead is blue, unknown,
and strangely comforting.
I knew I would face it someday.

As surely as I had faced the impossible gulf
of a love that could no longer support us,
like a ropework bridge – frayed, rotted,
stretching into a sadder tomorrow.

No, it couldn’t be trusted to help us across.
I finally accepted its condition and turned away.

The summer of change has passed,
and an autumn of new beginnings beckons.
A crisp welcome breeze blows
the last stray doubts from my mind.

I watch a dry russet leaf skitter and dance
to a uniquely different song, of a September that holds
the inviting promise of a life not ending,
but reborn.

19 thoughts on “September’s Song

  1. Absolutely beautiful, and it brought me to a time I wrote a similar poem with a similar sentiment. I was alone, just out of a bad love relationship, and feeling blue. Poetry helps us digest and ingest our sorrow and then our hope, doesn’t it? Like you, a month after I wrote my poem, I met my guy. I think we throw out our sorrow to the universe and then ask for joy, and the universe responds. xo

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    1. Thanks so much, Pam. I think we are moved to write poetry when our feelings are too strong to be kept to ourselves. Interesting how your experience was so similar to mine. And you may be right about the universe thing. Even though I believed I was done with men, the universe laughed at that and proved me wrong! 🙂

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  2. Beautiful, Jennifer. I think its funny how when we finally find peace without an “other”, an “other” suddenly appears. Your song captured that for me. Happy September. It’s a wonderful month as the air cools and we move into autumn. 🙂

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