24 thoughts on “Friday Fiction: A Job Worth Doing

  1. A beautiful tender story, Jennifer. I’m touched by the young man’s answer to his wife, protecting her from his problems. His strength of character will stand him in good stead. Wonderfully written. I’m looking forward to these fiction pieces when you have a chance to post. Happy Weekend!

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    1. From a short story aficionado like you, Annika, your compliment is well-received! He also wanted to protect her because with a baby and all, she has her own share of worries and responsibilities.
      Almost finished your stories and I’m loving them. 🙂

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      1. Jennifer, you intimate the deep love and care between this couple wonderfully, drawing the reader further in with each sentence. Wow! I’m so happy you’re loving my book and almost finished. That’s wonderful and thank you for letting me know. 😀🌺

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