If Only People Were More Like Cats


If only people were a little more like us.
 Quiet, serene, affectionate beings…


…who understand the need of one-on-one comfort,
as well as solitude.


We totally understand why you enjoy nature…



…and we love to tag along.

photo 1

photo 2 (1)

Cats look at you a certain way.


We purr,
give you a nuzzle…


…or a  head bunt,
to show how much we love you.


We don’t act as if we love you, then withhold it…


…and cats don’t care how much money you have.
Your company is what we want the most.


We don’t like it when things come between us…


…and we love you just for being you.


We care when you are hurt…


and we can’t imagine living our lives
without you.

Big thanks to our feline e-friend, Buddy,
for inviting us to guest-post on his blog,

and thank you for visiting!

40 thoughts on “If Only People Were More Like Cats

  1. I have had cats all my life and they have personalities just like people do and will love you if you are kind to them. But don’t forget how hard it was for you to let go of your children (and your novel). Cats are very protective of their young for a handful of weeks then they lose interest. 🙂 I’m not sure I can be like a cat.


  2. Jennifer, I’m so glad to hear that my daughter and I aren’t the only ones who think that cats care when you are hurt. I’ve noticed this for years, and she just brought it up the other day… You take wonderful cat pictures!

    Blessings ~ Wendy


  3. This was so lovely 🙂 I’m a big cat lover and have had several as pets throughout my life, at any given time. You completely captured the beauty of cats. Now I can’t wait to go home from work and give my two kitties a snuggle!


    1. Thanks, Caitlin! Me too, I almost always had a cat or two around all my life, and I can’t imagine it any other way. 🙂 Forgive me for not knowing this but have you ever blogged about your little darlings?


      1. Surprisingly, I haven’t! Other than having their pictures scattered in a few “Gratitude Lately” posts, I’ve never done one on my pets. Now I can’t wait to snap some new shots of them and put together a new post about my little furbabies 🙂


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