august 016

Collections of moments
and memories made
pearls on a necklace
a precious array

Connection of spirit
cups of tea we have shared
long walks, or in back yards
laughs and hugs show we care

We may mirror each other
and delight in the same
though embracing each difference
is the name of the game

To those I’ve spent time with
both near and afar
whether seldom, or often
you know who you are

Each connection, each bond
has helped me to grow
the friendship I treasure
means more than you know

Collections of memories
a priceless array
the pearls on my necklace
I wear every day

18 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Loved the verses.

    Would you say that how it occur to each of us remains the key to further taking a connection forward? And what could be at the core of such occurring and the differences in that?



    1. Thank you, Shakti, for stopping by and taking time to comment. All connections with others can be valuable,in one way or another, but when the chemistry is right, that is when friendship begins. We nurture those connections that move us forward and we can learn from, I would propose as answers to your questions.


  2. Jennifer, this poignant tribute to friendship makes me so glad that I mailed a letter last week to one of my longtime friends, and I feel a nudge to send a letter to another friend… I love how you’ve captured the truth of ‘a priceless array’.

    Blessings ~ Wendy


  3. A beautiful poem Jennifer! I love the use of pearls on a necklace. Pearls are often used to denote wisdom. When we choose our friends wisely they enrich our lives. You’re so talented! I’ve got to find a way to go to the Rock and meet you!


  4. “We may mirror each other and delight in the same though embracing each difference”
    This to me, is true friendship; and I have truly embraced true friendship as a gift over the past few years. .
    thanks for a beautiful poem.


  5. Jennifer I love it, real friends are people you can ring or catch up with after weeks even years and it feels like you were speaking to each other the day before. They may not be always present but when needed they come out of the woodwork.


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