I Dream


I dream of childhood days we sipped
from summer’s sweet forever cup
family outings, mother’s laughter,
my “blazing daddy” raised me up

high on shoulders, pressed to neck
his promise I was tightly held
from dizzy height I could not look
yet safer I have never felt

 I hear again soft serenade
when in my bed I’m safely tucked
nocturnal ditties played by dad
the guitar’s poem my cradle rock

 as far back as my dreams can reach
his songs broke through my cloudy gloom
the ray of light, the guiding star
made right my overwhelm of doom

 then came the day, no longer there
soft place to fall had disappeared
the empty chair, the yawning ache
the absence I had always feared

 those days of summer, long since gone
mere wisps of time have flown away
yet still I hear his melodies
in echoes from my yesterdays.




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30 thoughts on “I Dream

  1. There’s a lot of emotion in this poem, and a heartfelt sense of longing. The image of the empty chair is powerfully poignant. And you really captured the sense of childhood, that it would never end, in “summer’s sweet forever cup.”
    Lovely! And I love how the photos enhance and deepen the feeling of the poem.


  2. Ah…those beautiful memories… I miss those days, times when we were carefree..and nothing mattered, no worries about jobs,career, boys… those were the best times. Great poem… 🙂


      1. I am so sorry to know about your parents. I can understand how you feel. Staying away from my ailing mother,I always imagine what my life would be without her. I am getting these thoughts everyday now. Just thinking about it makes me teary eyed. I fear losing her, as she’s my only support, the only one who understands me. As I am her youngest kid, she’s obsessed about me, she calls me 5 times a day, and however irritating I may find it today, I know I am gonna miss it once she’s gone.


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