The Weekly Photo Challenge over at the Daily Post gives me the opportunity to share these snaps from a few years back.

Our little grand-girl is trying to persuade her poppy to come “inside” her outdoor playhouse. Let’s see if she succeeds.

“Come on in, Poppy, it’s fun!”
“See me, Nanny?”
“Do you think I can fit in there too?” asks Pop. “Looks pretty small…”
“Give it a try,” says Nan.
"You're right! Plenty of room for both of us (sort of)."
“You’re right!  Plenty of room for both of us (sort of) .”

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

19 thoughts on ““Inside”

  1. Love this humor. It matches the pictures ” to a t ” !! Lots of fun times shared around these model homes. These houses are highly – valued for the memories built outside them.

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