Missing You

On a May morning in the 90’s, while my world was going through a significant transition, I wrote this poem in my journal. It was at a time when I was enduring what would be a long and painful separation from a loved one. I am grateful every day that we were eventually reunited.


Fat raindrops on the window glass
of this dreary rented room
are a welcome relief.
They offer cold commiseration
to the tears on my face.
The overcast gloom
of grey clouds
is a dome of hammered tin.
It fits well with the gloom
of my thoughts.
A shroud of fog
mercifully blankets my world,
insulating and protecting me,
numbing the reality I cannot face.
This ache is easier to bear
when it is raining,
easier to take than a pitiless sun smiling down,
illuminating the reasons why
you walked away.

– May 10, 1995

14 thoughts on “Missing You

  1. Writing through the pain has helped me through so many hardships and to look back and think wow! I felt this way, It is a gift a lesson in life lived and served and now you are wiser for the experience. Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem Jennifer.


    1. You’re welcome. 🙂 Last week when I dug out my old journal from those days, it was like stepping back in time, having a visit with my younger self. I only wish I had held on to diaries I kept previous to that, when I was a child.
      Some life lessons are tough, but yes, writing through them, in spite of the pain, helps me cope.


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