A Mother’s Reflections – Part One

When I was a very young mom back in the Eighties, I often drew writing inspiration from my two children. To honour Mother’s Day, I am publishing a couple of short pieces from my 1980’s archives. For today, here is a poem.


Picture a Little Girl

Picture a little girl with eyes of warm innocent blue.

Picture the morning sun kissing her braids as they swing and dance in the breeze.

Think of a youngster who adores her new puppy, and yet chastises him severely when he chases her “poor little cat”.

Imagine a child with a song in her voice and a laugh always ready,

Yet almost as easily a tear is born because her heart is so soft.

Think of a little girl who loves reading fairy tales, chewing bubblegum, and giving big wet kisses,

And yet can be quiet, intense, and deeply absorbed in a thought.

Imagine a little girl graced with all of these qualities.

Wouldn’t you love it, if you had a daughter like that?

I’m glad I do.


D & B

Tomorrow: My Son

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