she remains

grey winds freeze her heart
an ever-withering blight
cold memories linger
of  her recreant knight

brave dreams she had reached for
often misunderstood
blinding her intention
eclipsing any good

space between, polluted
by unrecoverable words
pregnant silence the only
sound you ever heard

you hurried its demise
you cannonballed through that
exhausted, so exhausted
until it all fell flat

no words for you now
from the lips you once kissed
love undone forever
by your traitorous fist

surviving the deluge
of hot tears that hurt
she keeps wearing the scars
like a comfortable shirt

when looking back on it
her battered soul aches
the curse of good memory
is all that it takes

those sepia snapshots
that fade in bright sun
no longer vivid
by a promise undone

you couldn’t erase her
though she’s twisted and bent
like a tuckamore tree
in the wind’s harsh lament

she is living, enduring,
on the edge she remains
to quash her forever
will take more than love’s stain


12 thoughts on “she remains

    1. Well, it feels like a lifetime ago, and I am married to a wonderful man now, so that helps. Realizing I was not to blame was something I had to come to terms with. There are residual emotional scars that I will always have, and I’m sure my children have a few of their own too.
      Thanks for commenting. x


      1. I’m glad you have a wonderful Husband I do too and it’s such a gift. I’m also relieved to hear you know it’s not your fault. Did you ever go through therapy for it or tell anyone when it happened?


        1. Sometimes a good man is hard to find, but I guess we got lucky. 🙂
          No, I had no therapy per se, and at the time, I kept things private and hidden as much as I could. It was the blame thing that stopped me, I think.


            1. Thank you for your kind words.I am no longer alone with the pain; since then I have had lots of somewhat healing conversations about it. And thanks for the offer – I just might take you up on it!


  1. Hi Jennifer,

    It’s good to hear from you again. Hope all is well up in Newfoundland. There’s a possibility I might be able to get up there in November. Keeping my fingers crossed.



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