Squeal of Seagulls

Seagulls, squealing a Spring duet,

Swim in pairs near rounded rocks,

Glide like swans in graceful concert

As domesticated flocks.

Salty breezes, lapping ebb tides

Racing waves that slap the shore

Flat horizon, sun-drenched plateau

Perfect point o’er which to soar.

Wheeling, wafting, white forms glinting,

All-consumed to multiply

Nests to feather, what e’er the weather

Tasks that cover sea and sky.

Sun sets, wind drops, cold fog creeps in

From the east without a sound

Just the squeal and cry of seagulls

Twilight song of fishing grounds.

There they wait for dove-gray babies

Soon to hatch with urgent cheeps

There they wait among the crab shells

Crouched in darkness, cold and deep.

4 thoughts on “Squeal of Seagulls

      1. I get a kick out of them because they seem to pose for me in some pretty odd places, like just wanting their picture taken. I’ll have to watch for the mating behavior. They are fun… unless they leave a calling card on me or the car 😦


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