Two Poems


Here are two poems that I wrote in the fall of 1994. It was a time of great transition for me; my marriage had ended close to a year before, and for the first time since I was a teenager, I was experiencing life as a single woman.

The first poem was written to express my readiness for the next chapter, and my anticipation of what good things might come my way. When I wrote it, I had no way of knowing I would be meeting and falling in love with my future (and now present) husband, and the love of my life, later in that same month.

I wrote the second poem after our meeting, and our subsequent falling-in-love. I’ll never forget the rushes of love I felt every time he held me, and how much my life had changed.

Even though these are not new creations and should perhaps be included in my Pages from the Past section, I chose to share them here as a new post. Why? To me, these heartfelt words of my younger self are still fresh and very much alive. They have no expiry date.

September Song

The September sun falls

Warm upon my face as I blink back

A lonely tear.

But to be alone isn’t so bad.

A decade of fragile dreams, dashed,

Had prepared me for this

Season of solitude.

Hadn’t you known it was inevitable,

Dear, battered heart?

The gulf I see ahead is blue,

Unknown, and strangely


I knew I would face it someday,

As surely as I had faced the impossible gulf

Of a love that could not support us,

Like a ropework bridge that is frayed, rotting, stretching

Into a sadder tomorrow.

No, it couldn’t be trusted to help us


I finally accepted its condition

And turned away.

The summer of change is passing,

And the autumn of New Beginning


A crisp welcome breeze blows

The last stray doubts from my mind.

I watch a dry russet leaf skitter and dance

To a uniquely different song, of a September that holds

The inviting promise of a life not ending, but



Cat Dreams

My dreams are different now

Like the little cat that lives here

They hold no memory of that

Other time and place

Oblivious to the shadows of the


Grounded only in the here and now

Sweet contentment almost

Makes me purr, like her.

And unlike before

Upon awakening I realize

My dreams and my reality

Are as one

I smile and stretch,

Bathed in the warmth

Of dreams coming


Because of you.

5 thoughts on “Two Poems

  1. Thanks you for the poem ‘September Song’. It holds a lot of meaning for me as September (2011) was the month my husband ended our marriage without warning and I am hoping that by this September I will come “To a uniquely different song, of a September that holds; The inviting promise of a life not ending, but Reborn.” as you describe to me so well here.


    1. Thank you for your comment, and for following my blog. That must have been quite a blow, his ending your marriage that way, so suddenly. But don’t lose hope. Sometimes things happen for reasons that aren’t evident right away. I hope you get your “happy ending” too.


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