Baby Love

We got a phone call from our next door neighbour this morning.  The excitement in her voice was quite apparent as she announced that her daughter’s water just broke, and they, the grandparents-to-be, were getting ready to head to town for the big event.  I am so excited for them, I said to Paul.  In just a few hours they would be meeting their brand new grand-baby at last.  I couldn’t help but remember how thrilled I had been when I became a grandmother six years ago;  little Leah felt like a gift from heaven for all of us.

And now my memories have taken me back to the day I became a mom, when I was barely a woman myself.  So young I was, a child having a child.  It didn’t take me long, though, to fall in love, in a way I never had before.

Remembering that day in June
When you were small and pink and new
Your needs so urgent, your helplessness
Eclipsing all I’d planned to do

Your eyes, the bluest I’ve ever seen
Gazed into mine, I drank you in
Strawberry mark on your behind
That perfect dimple in your chin

The tiny o your lips would make
When, nursing done, you fell asleep
That newborn smell, the lightest heft
Who knew that love could feel so deep?

One thought on “Baby Love

  1. Oh I remember that too. The smell, the softness and the closeness of nursing. I still have dreams that I have another baby lol. My kids are grown and my daughter is married but, still no grandbabies yet. I can’t wait!


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