To Home


Carving a life far from the crowd
Discovering passion in quietude–
As quiet as it can be beside the somersault of waves and
Wild surf
We trace the shore with careful steps, then
Kiss beneath the stars

 Like pipers we break into a run when we reach the sand
And climb the hill to home
Your windswept smile reminds me why I came, then
Later, raising a toast to your plan
Come to fruition,
I smile at our plight
Another peaceful night

7 thoughts on “To Home

  1. Thank you, everyone.
    And thanks, Jenny. It is always nice to hear positive comments from the people that actually lived on Perry’s Point, like you and your dad, because you know exactly what I’m talking about, and that you really appreciate it for its unique beauty.
    I also wanted to make it clear to everyone how similar our names are, and that I didn’t comment on my own post! 🙂


  2. I love that you are feeling at home here on Perry’s Point…I can think of no other place i’d rather be for peace, for tranquillity, for memories. Just looking out to the sand and surf makes you realize why we live, visit, or move here!


  3. I didn’t pick up on the splitting of sandpipers………… that, too, was clever.

    I can feel that sand between my toes, and, everything else which is “The Point.” Whenever I seek solitude I inevitably go back to “The Point” first, and, secondly, Newtown in the ocean as viewed from the entrance to the branch. There are so many memories this footprint – traced shoreline. The footprints come and go, but the memories live on.


  4. I love your poetry……….the way you split up sandpipers is
    especially clever. I look forward to reading more from your


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