It takes courage…

This morning when I opened my Facebook account, I was very pleased to see some before and after pictures my cousin had posted of her weight loss journey.  “Twenty three pounds gone!” she reported proudly, “and seven more to get to my goal!”
I thought to myself, what guts to put herself out there like that, especially with the revealing “before” picture for everyone to view.  This got me thinking of how much I love seeing personal transformations and makeovers.  What is it that fascinates me when I see the ugly duckling’s metamorphosis into the graceful swan?  Why do so many of us have a fondness for those makeover shows on television where the result is the very clear love of one’s image, at last?
Naturally, if it is someone I know personally, it is all the more interesting.  And yes, it takes courage to show those photos of your vulnerable self.  But it also shows that individual’s willingness to change.  It shows the world that you love life and you want to be a part of it.  And it is a proud sign that you love yourself, a love that is vital, to make the necessary changes.
Of course, in the case of weight loss and fitness, it is a life change.  I am no expert in the field, but I do know that the diet plan needs to be healthy and doable.  The fitness program or the exercise plan needs to be reasonable.  And a new courage has to be realized when the goal has been reached, taking care to  maintain your success and not to slip back into old patterns and habits that will sabotage you every time.  That is the toughest part of any self-improvement.
So, cousin, keep up the great work.  You deserve, just like us all, to reach your goal and reach for the stars.  You said that your husband loves the New You?  I’ve got a pretty good feeling that you do as well.

2 thoughts on “It takes courage…

  1. I think it’s more have to do with the personality and nature of the person. Some people have in born fitness maintaining mentality. Even they don’t do any kind of exercise regularly, but their mind always tick. So when they get the opportunity they grab it.

    It’s all about priorities in life, if you life priority is to become Mr. Bond or Mr. Tycoon. Then you should have the courage and encouragement to go for it!


    1. Thank you for voicing your opinion. Yes, not everybody makes their health a priority, and that is part of the reason for the drain on our health care systems. It is my humble opinion that if we all took a little better care of ourselves, the world would be a better place. Perhaps I am idealistic, but it is within most of our abilities to improve in this area. So when I see someone doing just that, I like to give them a pat on the back. ;)


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